Auto Generate Test Data

Create Run's Optional Tab now has a "Generate" test data functionality. With this feature, you can generate test data such as random names, emails and phone numbers in your test.

The generated data is shown as CSV so you can still modify it before feeding it to the test runner.


Test Runner

We fixed some long-running problems with our test runner.

Along with fixing these issues now, you can visualize the stdout and stderr messages as the test is running. If you are running the test created by the Test Authoring Tool, we run them as a mocha test. In the stdout messages, you will see the execution of each test step.

Note: A test run times out after 15 minutes. You can stop/restart a run from the Test Report page.



  • After talking to many of you, we have updated our dashboard UI. It's snappy, colorful and canvas for all new features yet to be released.
  • You can now see each occurrence of the error message along with the screenshot.

Test Authoring Tool

  • Stability fixes for test data not getting recorded correctly
  • Stability fixes for saving and loading old tests


Test Authoring Tool

  • We now support automation for One Time Passwords (OTP) using SMS. To use this feature, we will register a virtual phone number for your account. To use this feature, write to us at [email protected].


Breaking Changes

  • barista-agent was replaced by mq-agent. To use the test authoring tool locally install the new agent with npm install -g @moquality/agent.

Test Authoring Tool

Fixes multiple issues with Android and iOS test authoring.

  • The actions script and getEmail are more stable have example scripts.
  • The click action for Android and iOS now has a default timeout of 15 secs.
  • If you have a local Appium server, you can now connect to it using the "Local Server" option under Connect.
  • Allows changing orientation to Natural or Landscape for Android tests.
  • Allows setting a Geo Location for Android tests.


Robo Testing

  • Fixed a bug where some users could not see screenshots for runs in both Android and iOS platforms


We have changed Barista. No longer it is desktop based app, it is integrated into our dashboard.

Now you can do the following in the dashboard

  • Upload App
  • Record Android and iOS Tests
  • Create Run Configurations
  • Schedule Runs

Check out docs.moquality.com.


  • Fix some Android/iOS feature parity issues
  • Bug fixes and internal improvements


  • Fix which increases recording and testing speed on Android by an order of magnitude in some cases
  • Bug fixes and internal improvements


  • Bug fixes and internal improvements